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Keep your senses alert!

Gagini restaurant, in the heart of the old town center of Palermo

A workshop on contemporary cuisine in the middle of the Mediterranean. A pleasant experience for taste buds. An invitation to keep the senses on the alert, each and every single one of them. Gagini restaurant is located in the Vucciria neighborhood, in the very heart of Palermo. Included in the prestigious Michelin Guide, Gagini restaurant has been awarded with 3 “hats” by the restaurants’ Espresso guide.

The instant represents our cuisine’s unit of measure. A cuisine keeping the senses on the alert. An impromptu cuisine capable of creating while researching, which embraces the territory while searches for high quality ingredients. A here-and-now path in Sicily.


Wine Cellar

A collection of wines deeply linked to the territory. Several years of study and passionate research. The result is the wine experience we have always had in our mind: a “tailor-made” proposal by the glass to voice both small winemakers and top names in the world of wine as well as let our guests discover local terroirs and vines.

This is what a wine cellar means for us: making people live intense wine stories every day, in a timeless journey among vintages, with the great chance of vertical wine tastings.

A restaurant in Palermo endowed with an exciting wine cellar, and a sommelier leading customers on interesting tours to discover new types of wine tasting.


Mediterranean Sea, city of Palermo, Vucciria neighborhood, Cala. These few coordinates are enough to find yourself at Gagini restaurant. This is where cuisine is an experience leading to near and far territories, following an extended time between past and present. Here, within the 16 th century walls enclosing a space that was once the workshop of Antonello Gagini, the greatest sculptor of the Sicilian Renaissance, there is a thread running through food ritual and art, as well as present and history. This is where instant and tasting, lives and knowledge, totally match. This is where the several languages of the Mediterranean are spoken and heard.