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An experiment of impromptu cuisine. Intense stories of ingredients, wine and territory. A chance to keep the senses on the alert.

Gagini restaurant is all this.

Mauricio Zillo

“Ingredients are fruits of nature. They are signs of great experience. They are respect, above all. For all these reasons, they deserve to be chosen with great care and focus of attention”, says Mauricio Zillo.

Investigating, drawing from the territory, creating links: this is how ingredients’ sense and potential can be studied in depth, i.e. coming into contact with producers, growers as well as people who actually bring ingredients into the kitchen. Ingredients are the real protagonists. Together with burners. According to our chef, this is the only way to consecrate the freshness of products and the identity of a land.


We are in the center of the Mediterranean Sea and the city of Palermo, in the very heart of Vucciria neighborhood. We are within the walls enclosing a space which was once the workshop of Antonello Gagini, the greatest sculptor of the Sicilian Renaissance. Here food is a ritual flowing on art, between present and history, ancient languages and flavors.