Gagini Restaurant awarded with 3 hats by the 2021 L’Espresso Guide. New cuisine, new design, same goal as always: keep on dreaming

Never stop dreaming!

This is how one might summarise the new course of the Gagini Restaurant, for which the upcoming 2021 season is full of exciting new developments.
The restaurant in Via Cassari, completely renovated in style in its interior furnishings, has won the first important recognition of the season, the 3 cappelli (three hats) of the L’Espresso Guide, and it has done so with a cuisine completely focused on the future, with, at the helm, the acrobatic chef Mauricio Zillo, in love with life, and with Sicily, capable of creating an innovative menu, where experimentation and careful attention paid to ingredients always coexist in harmony.

In the new Gagini, the traditional barriers between the dining room and kitchen fall away: for the first time, the dining room enters the kitchen, for an entirely new dining experience, in perfect Good Company style, in the spirit of Franco Virga and Stefania Milano’s visionary idea of catering, for which innovation is pure lifeblood.

In perfect harmony with its DNA and history, the Gagini’s dining room continues to reinvent the concept of fine dining in an informal key with an impeccable and fresh service thanks to màitre Laura Carollo and sommelier Marco Iannello, one of the pioneers of natural wine in haute cuisine in Sicily..

This summer of 2021 promises to be full of new developments for the restaurant that, from the heart of La Vucciria, continues to make history in haute cuisine, not only in Sicily. Gagini always retains the same spirit, the visionary spirit with which it opened and is still ever-changing with regard to style and proposal, with its sights constantly set on the future in the name of style and energy.